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by Duane Blake

Shower's juice flowed from its roles as bodyguards, hit men, intimidators and ballot stuffers for the Jmamaican Labour party, which had the overt and covert backing of the American embassy. In return the Shower Posse's dope business received political protection....

The Real Taste of Jamaica

by Enid Donaldson

Our Price: $1,800.00
The Entrepreneurial Journey in Jamaica
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
The Da Vinci Code
The Philosophy & Opinions of Marcus Garvey

Bob Marley & The Wailers: The Definitive Discography

by Steffens/Pierson

Our Price: $1,295.00

Stir It Up: Reggae Album Cover

by Chis Morrow

Our Price: $2,220.00

Life Overflowing: 6 Pillars of Abundant Living

by T.D. Jakes

Our Price: $1,777.00

God's Little Book of Love

by Richard Daly

Our Price: $459.00

The Heart Collector

by K. Sean Harris

Our Price: $1,495.00

Chocolate for a Lover's Heart

by Kay Allenbaugh

Our Price: $784.00

Black Race in Motion

by Wilfred
Anthony Drummond

Our Price: $2,350.00

The Naked Truth: Young, Beautiful, and (HIV) Positive

by Marvelyn Brown

Our Price: $1,166.00

The Kingston Bookshop was pleased once again to salute teachers in a series of luncheons across the island...

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